Community Action Saves Sirpur Lake in Madhya Pradesh, India

Since the 1970s, illegal encroachments, dumping of waste and other such activities resulted in degradation of the water quality of the Sirpur lake in Madhya Pradesh. In view of this, Bhalu Mondhe formed Sirpur Bachao Samiti in 2004 which worked out a detailed conservation plan by 2005. The Madhya Pradesh government’s environment department got behind the samiti and rehabilitation actions ensued. A barbed-wire fence was erected, embankments and pavements built, water quality improved and trees planted. Sirpur lake is today one of the healthiest natural ecosystems of the city with rich local flora and various migratory birds and reptiles residing at the spot.
The Government of India is also taking adequate measures as 243,499 Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC) and 95,525 people’s biodiversity registers (PBR) have been established as of January 2020.


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