YesEarth Youth Corps observes World Rivers Day 2023 with ‘LIFE TO RIVERS RALLY’ in Shillong

On the occasion of World Rivers Day 2023, YesEarth Youth Corps organised ‘LIFE TO RIVERS RALLY’ in Shillong

More 300+ participants took a march in the city with placards to create mass awareness about saving streams and rivers.

More than 200 NCC Cadets, officials, students, representatives from several government departments, nearby residents, and members of Rotary clubs took part in the rally.

The awareness campaign was organised to foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship toward the environment. To remind individuals and communities of their role in preserving the natural world, including rivers.

Rivers are intricate ecosystems that support diverse plant and animal life. Raising awareness helps people understand that pollution and neglect can disrupt these ecosystems, leading to the decline of species and loss of biodiversity.

Many communities rely on rivers as a source of drinking water. Contaminated rivers can lead to waterborne diseases and health issues. The awareness campaign promoted the importance of keeping rivers clean for safe drinking water.

Rivers provide resources such as fish, clean water, and recreational opportunities. Maintaining their cleanliness ensures the sustainable use of these resources for present and future generations.