Noor Ouarzazate of Morocco

The Ouarzazate solar power station (OSPS) is the first major project developed as part of Morocco’s new energy strategy, which aims to increase the share of renewable energy sources to 52% by 2030. Thus, Ouarzazate, which is a city located in the heart of Morocco`s desert has become the home of the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world. The total installed capacity of the Noor Ouarzazate solar complex is 580 MW. That’s enough to supply a million Moroccan homes with cheap, renewable electricity. This is the equivalent of one city like Prague or two cities like Marrakech. By comparison, the installed capacity of a typical nuclear reactor is usually around 1000 MW.

Renewable energy sector in Morocco is growing rapidly. Renewable power generation capacity is expected to increase in the country by 10 GW over the period 2016-2030 with an investment of MAD 280 billion from Masen and private companies.


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