Indore’s Waste Management Revolution

In 2022, the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh was recognized as the cleanest city of India for the sixth consecutive year and emerged as the country’s first 7-Star Garbage Free city. The entire garbage generated by households and commercial establishments in the city is collected at source. The door-to-door service was started in January 2016 and it took almost a year to achieve 100% door-to-door garbage collection. Indore through its collaborative efforts has also achieved 100 % waste segregation at source.

Citizens of Indore played a significant role in making the city clean. The cleanliness scenario of Indore was changed by improved habits of its people. Within a span of one year the Municipal Corporation successfully sensitized citizens for segregation at source and not dumping garbage in open areas. The story of Indore truly exemplifies transformation through community participation.


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