Odisha Receives Appreciation for its Efficient Disaster Management Approach

Odisha has received appreciation for the exemplary way in which it has managed to cope with the disasters that have struck its coast and affected its people. This Indian state’s efforts in the context of Cyclone Phailin finds place under best practices in India’s 2019 draft National Disaster Management Guidelines for Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction. The salient features of disaster management approach of Orissa offers lessons for the whole country.

Community based disaster risk reduction is at the very heart of Odisha’s approach towards disaster management. As India is increasingly trying to develop a system of community based disaster risk reduction and management, it is important to understand how Odisha has tackled recent disasters with the community at the forefront. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi expressed an interest to partner with the Odisha government in recognition of the state’s practices of disaster management as a ‘model’ for other states.

Source: https://www.orfonline.org/expert-speak/following-the-odisha-example-for-developing-community-based-disaster-management-in-india/

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