Lessons from the Mountain Top

Mountain ecosystems are unique, and harbour a diversity of animals and habitats. But mountains are also extremely vulnerable – exposed to climate change, weather events and pressures from overgrazing.

By teaming up and sharing their lessons, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Uganda and Rwanda have succeeded in reviving their mountain landscapes. For example, representatives from the Virunga region (Uganda and Rwanda) and Kyrgyz counterparts have exchanged experiences with addressing human-wildlife conflicts. Uganda and Rwanda have protected the mountain habitats of endangered mountain gorillas, working closely with local communities. That work has helped gorilla numbers double in the last 30 years, and supported a vibrant tourism industry, which has created economic opportunities for local communities.

In Kyrgyzstan, human-wildlife conflict is being reduced by adopting more sustainable ranging practices and training communities in wildlife monitoring. The vulnerable snow leopard is now slowly coming back, with four adults recorded and two cubs born each year in 2020 and 2021.



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