The Restoration of South American Forests

The Atlantic Forest, which straddles Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, is renowned for its variety of landscapes, which run the gamut from swamps to montane forests. However, centuries of intensive logging and agricultural expansion have threatened many of these ecosystems and the animals that live within them. The Atlantic Forest is home to the jaguar, the margay, and the black and gold howler monkey, all endangered species.

To save the forest, campaigners in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay have spent three decades promoting species conservation and engaging local communities in their efforts.  A major effort included the restoration of important watersheds surrounding Sao Paulo, after the city was hit by a major drought. By 2050, the three countries are aiming to restore 15 million ha of degraded forests. Restoration work has already helped around 154 million people in the region by increasing job opportunities, food security, and water provision. It is also helping communities contend with climate change.


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