All About the Mikoko Pamoja Initiative

Mikoko Pamoja (Swahili), which means “Mangroves Together”, is a development initiative that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of mangrove resources to mitigate climate change, conserve biodiversity and enhance community livelihood in the Gazi and Makongeni areas of Kenya. Mikoko Pamoja conserves 117 hectares of state-owned mangroves, representing almost 16 per cent of the ecosystem in the Gazi Bay. From 2013 to 2033, the project seeks to protect 107 hectares of natural mangrove forests and conserve 10 hectares of red mangrove plantation that were established in denuded areas in the early 1990s.

It is the first-ever blue carbon initiative in the world to sell carbon credits from mangrove conservation for community development. It has funded pumps, drinking water provisions as well as purchase of textbooks, sports uniforms and learning materials for children. Good science, community buy-in, communal entrepreneurship and government support have been identified as building blocks of the project.


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