Denmark Makes a ‘Mark’ in the Renewable Energy Sector

Denmark has a long tradition of developing and using renewable energy.  Concerns over global warming and energy security have placed renewable energy and CO2 emissions reduction high on the Danish political agenda. Electricity derived from renewable energy has reached 67 percent of the electricity supply (wind energy contributes 46.8 percent while biomass contributes 11.2 percent). Energy savings are also being pursued for environmental as well as commercial purposes, as they contribute to growth and business development while increasing the security of the energy supply. 

Denmark has excellent wind resources, due to its flat terrain and proximity to the sea.  Climate and hydrology allow high yields of biomass from agriculture even though land resource is scarce due to the country’s small area and relatively high population density.  The long Danish coastline could allow wave energy to become important in the future.  Additionally, the use of photovoltaics and solar heating is also increasing.


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