Connecting Kenyans with Water through Kenya Connect

The rainy seasons in the Mwala region of Machakos County, Kenya run from November to December and from March to May. For those who can afford it, water can be collected and stored in water tanks for use. However, many households and community organizations cannot afford their water tanks. Students had to carry water to school for drinking, and often the water was collected from unsafe sources. The task of carrying water to school was cumbersome, especially for the young kids.

In partnership with FII Institute, the non-governmental organization Kenya Connect supplied and installed 10,000-litre water tanks and water-harvesting gutters for 63 Mwala public schools, each with 200-300 children. School administrators were also trained on the importance of sanitizing the full water tanks with chlorine, as well as the correct chlorination process. Each tank provides drinking water for all students for up to two months, as well as water for cooking meals for schools that provide food.


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