Israel’s Impressive Desalination Success

Globally, only 1 percent of the world’s drinking water undergoes desalination. In Israel around 25 percent of its drinking water is sourced from desalination plants. Beginning humbly in 2005, Israel’s desalination capacity has surged dramatically, producing a staggering 585 million cubic meters annually. Accompanied by an impressive 90 percent wastewater recycling rate, the process has virtually eradicated water-related anxieties in the nation. Desalination has transformed public perceptions from conservation problems to newfound confidence in water availability.

Once heavily reliant on freshwater from the Sea of Galilee, Israel confronted dwindling water supplies due to shifting climate patterns. However, through visionary foresight, the nation diversified its sources through desalination, even forging agreements to supply desalinated water to Jordan. Israel’s accomplishments offer valuable lessons for other water-scarce regions globally. 


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