The CommuniTree Programme of Nicaragua

The CommuniTree Programme is a community-led reforestation initiative that helps to restore ecosystems, improve livelihoods, and combat climate change in Nicaragua. Through CommuniTree, smallholder farmers grow native species on degraded, underused areas of their land. After becoming a Plan Vivo certified project in 2010, it works with smallholder farmers to grow trees alongside their existing farming practices.

The project engages farmers over 10 years to help them grow trees in a way that is beneficial to them in both the short and long term. It reduces forest degradation by easing pressure on surrounding natural forests, while simultaneously sequestering quantifiable volumes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and improving environmental and socio-economic conditions across participating communities. The project contains three types of plantations: Mixed species plantations, coffee agroforestry , and silvopastoral planting. It has grown to become the largest reforestation initiative in the country.


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