A Successful Water Conservation Project in Rajasthan, India

Coca-Cola India Foundation partnered with Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation and the Rajputana Society of Natural History to put an end to water problems in the Dholpur region of Rajasthan which was also recently announced as the aspirational district of India, by building two masonry check dams on the river Bamani, which not only store water but have also increased the groundwater in the Dholpur area.

For many decades prior, the people in the Tontari village had been facing a severe water crisis and were struggling to perform their daily chores such as cooking, irrigation, and feeding animals. Since its inception, this project has positively impacted the lives of over 11,000 people in 5 surrounding villages: Tontari, Bhimagarh, Reti, Jhande ka Purrah, and Kallapura, making multi-crop farming possible.

With water available for irrigation, villagers in the region now grow bajra, tomatoes, potatoes, okra and a variety of other vegetables over an area of around 500 acres. The produce is sold to mainstream markets like Delhi also.



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