Gabon: A Global Leader in Climate Action

Gabon is considered a global leader in climate action—probably the most carbon-positive country in the world due to its strong environmental conservation and longstanding political commitment to preserving the country’s untouched natural environment. In 2021, it became the first country to receive results-based payments for reduced forest emissions.

According to The UN Resident Coordinator in Gabon, Savina AmmassariGabon’s carbon absorption is, mainly, through non-deforestation and sustainable management of natural resources. Gabon belongs to the Congo Basin, the second largest carbon sink in the world after the Amazon [in Brazil and other countries]. Some people argue it may even surpass the Amazon. Gabon is a net absorber of carbon: it emits very little and absorbs a lot. It’s among the most carbon-positive countries in the world, and as such, serving the planet and humanity’.


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