The Kwimba Reforestation Project of Tanzania

In 1990, Tanzania embarked on the Kwimba Reforestation Project. Under this project, an international group of people and businesses worked together to reforest land near forty settlements. The Kwimba area had lost much of its forest cover in the early 20th century due to fuel wood collection and forest clearing efforts that were motivated by a desire to eradicate the Tsetse fly.

The Kwimba endeavour was motivated by the need to improve the efficiency of wood utilization as a fuel source, and to stimulate economic growth generally. This includes the ladies of the area building more efficient cookstoves and establishing community and school plant nurseries in addition to planting Australian eucalyptus trees. Australian and African NGOs and government institutions worked together on this.

Over the project’s initial nine years, almost 6.4 M trees were planted. One of the more innovative features of providing traceability for these trees was the idea of “tree ownership certificates”Which granted the owner title to the tree regardless of who owned the property on which it was placed.


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