Reviving coastal and inland ecosystems

Comoros, St Lucia and Vanuatu, all low-lying island states, face the threat of extinction as a result of rising waters due to climate change. At the same time, the degradation of inland ecosystems – such as deforestation – has severe impacts on the balance of these unique ecosystems.

All three countries launched efforts to revive coastal and inland ecosystems. They are cleaning rivers to prevent ocean pollution and restoring coral reefs, which are havens for fish. This is also increasing income through fisheries and tourism. In Comoros, the creation of the Moheli Marine Park has more than doubled the live coral cover and led to an increase in sea turtle nests. Tourist numbers have doubled, providing further income to local communities. The countries are planting mangrove forests, providing a natural buffer to rising sea levels and extreme weather. They are also rejuvenating seagrass beds, which are important stores of carbon.


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