Flipkart’s Commitment to Environmental Protection

The Indian company Flipkart is focusing on resource efficiency in its operations. As a part of its Net-Zero commitment, Flipkart adopted the IGBC’s Green Logistics Parks and Warehouses Rating system for its warehouses. Its Big Box project in Haringhata, West Bengal has been certified as “PLATINUM” by the IGBC Green Logistics Parks & Warehouses rating system. With a score of 90 points (Platinum being 75 to 100 points), the facility created a record, receiving the highest score in India under the IGBC Green Logistics Parks & Warehouses rating system in the warehouse category. With this, Flipkart is also the first e-commerce company to have a Platinum-certified warehouse of this scale. Most of Flipkart’s facilities are ISO 14001 certified, and many of the company’s large warehouse projects have been developed in line with IGBC’s Green Building Guidelines.



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