Paraguay Wields its Hydropower

Paraguay emerged as the only country in the world with a 100 percent renewable electricity supply, after its last thermal power plant was closed in December 2021. This has happened mainly due to hydropower. The 14,000 MW Itaipú Hydropower Plant, together with the 3,200 MW Yacyretá and 210 MW Acaray Plants, supply the National Interconnected System to satisfy the electricity demand in the country. Itaipú alone typically provides over 80% of the energy consumed in Paraguay. It is a binational hydropower plant owned jointly with the Government of Brazil (Itaipú Binational). Acaray is owned by the state-owned generation and distribution company, ANDE, while Yacyretá is owned jointly with the Government of Argentina (Yacyretá Binational Entity). All the above three hydropower assets of Paraguay are undergoing developments in order to increase power generation to meet the country’s requirements by 2030.


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