Community-driven Platform Successfully Conserves Forestland and Boosts Ecotourism in Ghana

The project entitled “Community Development and Knowledge Management for the Satoyama Initiative (COMDEKS)’ financed by the Japan Biodiversity Fund formed the Weto Platform in Ghana. The Platform consists of Civil Society Organizations in environmental protection, traditional authorities, Government institutions (such as Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Forestry Commission and District Assemblies), and the local communities.

The Platform has supervised the conservation of 135,500 hectares of ridge forestland as a community-managed natural regeneration area in Ghana. In addition, seven watersheds have also been rehabilitated and restored, making these rivers perennial. The multi-stakeholder approach has not only contributed to the restoration of the threatened landscape but is also promoting ecotourism, employment opportunities, and livelihood support systems in the Weto landscape. Part of the protected area hosts the first canopy walk way, offering rewarding recreational, health, and economic benefits to the indigenes and numerous visitors.


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