Future and Nafath Join Hands

In a groundbreaking move, Forming Future company has inked a collaboration agreement with Nafath Renewable Energy. This strategic partnership aims to spearhead innovative renewable energy storage projects, harnessing the potential of solar thermal energy. The projects are designed to store solar thermal energy efficiently, enabling the generation of electricity for an impressive duration of over 15 hours. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards advancing sustainable energy solutions and unlocking new possibilities in the realm of renewable energy storage.

The partnership aligns with both companies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of green technology. Forming Future’s expertise in sustainable solutions combined with Nafath Renewable Energy’s proficiency in renewable energy align perfectly, promising a future where innovative storage solutions play a vital role in the transition towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape. The collaborative efforts are poised to contribute significantly to the evolution of renewable energy practices, emphasizing efficiency and extended usability.



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