Gayini Returns to Nari Nari

Gayini (which means “water” in the Nari Nari language) is one of the largest remaining wetlands in New South Wales, Australia, and has international conservation value. The wetlands are important habitat for many birds, fish, and amphibians. In late 2019, The Nature Conservancy facilitated the transfer of legal ownership of Gayini back to the Nari Nari people, who were its original traditional custodians.

The Nari Nari people manage the 216,998 acres (87,816 hectares) of property for endangered wildlife conservation, sustainable agriculture, and to protect their cultural heritage. They are implementing a culturally appropriate management model that balances conservation with other land uses. This includes returning the land to a more natural flooding regime, removing invasive species, and implementing responsible, low-impact grazing. Their management style has already shown results in terms of positive effects on biodiversity.


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