The Danish Wind Turbine

Danish wind turbine maker Vestas has received a type certificate for its V236-15.0 MW offshore wind turbine. The prototype was installed at the Østerild National test centre for large wind turbines in Western Jutland, Denmark in December 2022. Three months later, the wind turbine reached its nominal power rating of 15 MW. In August, the unit set a world record for the most power output by a single wind turbine in 24 hours, producing 363 megawatt-hours in that period.

The blade moulds for the V236-15.0 MW prototype have been developed at Vestas’ blade factory in Lem and the 115.5-metre-long prototype blades have been manufactured at the company’s offshore blade factory in Nakskov. The prototype nacelle has been developed and assembled at the offshore nacelle factory in Lindø port of Odense. The prototype has a production output of 80 GWh/year. The turbine will make its offshore debut in 2024.


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