Quant Solar Energy

Quant Solar Technologies Private Limited, a clean-tech startup incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG), India has taken strides in pioneering Floating Solar Technology in India. Its technology harnesses solar energy by installing solar panels on water bodies such as dams and reservoirs.

Quant Solar has rapidly advanced in the clean-tech revolution, making significant contributions to the renewable energy landscape. Quant Solar Technologies has aligned itself with global leaders, joining a consortium led by DNV in the Netherlands. This collaboration positions Quant Solar as a key player in shaping global standards for Floating Solar Plants. Since its inception, Quant Solar has collaborated with multiple public sector enterprises, state government bodies, and private companies. The startup has also delivered India’s first Megawatt-scale Floating Solar Plant (FSP) of 2 MW capacity and one of the world’s largest Floating Solar Plants of 36 MW.



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