Closing the Loop on Textile Waste in Kenya

The Closing the Loop on Textile Waste partnership reduces waste in East Africa by leveraging a technology that regenerates fabric waste material back to virgin-quality fibre that can be used in textile production. They use a revolutionary chemical recycling technology, developed by U.S.-based company PurFi, which recycles textile waste into high-quality products that can be re-used in new manufacturing. This technology uses 99% less water, up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and 90% less energy than typical approaches to textile waste recycling. While chemical use itself isn’t environmentally neutral — more than 15,000 chemicals are associated with garment production, some of which are toxic — PurFi’s innovative rejuvenation technology maintains a closed process that absorbs the recycling chemicals back into the resulting fabric.

Closing the Loop on Textile Waste in Kenya won P4G’s 2021 State-of-the-Art Partnership of the Year award.  The partnership also exemplifies how social equity and environmental impact intertwine. 


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