From Trash to Treasure: Goa’s Testament to Sustainable Waste Management

The Indian state of Goa has successfully transformed a towering landfill into an integrated solid waste management facility. The plant, which is operated on a public-private partnership model between the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) and Hindustan Waste Treatment Private Limited, has been a game-changer in sustainable waste management.

The facility’s inception in May 2016 marked a turning point for waste management in Goa, with an initial capacity to handle 120 tonnes per day (TPD) of waste. Over time, it has significantly expanded, doubling its capacity to 250 TPD by December 2021. The wet organic waste is used to produce biogas which is then converted to electricity. Additionally, the sludge produced in the plant is turned into solid compost in a covered aerated drying hall. Incentives tied to the plant’s performance have been offered to motivate GWMC staff to promote dedication and efficiency. 


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