Success of Plantation Drives in Uttar Pradesh

The Indian state Uttar Pradesh planted over 30 crore saplings on 22 July 2023, as a part of the its massive annual plantation drive, Vriksharopan Janandolan 2023. From 2017-18 to 2022-23, the State Government’s successive plantation drives resulted in a record 136.9 crore saplings being planted. Out of these, the forest department planted 49.9 crore saplings while other departments planted 82 crore. According to the State of the Forest’ report of the Forest Survey of India (FSI), the forest cover in UP has recorded an increase of 417 sq km (0.18%) and tree cover has increased by 377 sq km (0.16%). The green cover of the state has increased by 794 sq km, which is presently 9.23% of the state’s geographical area. The massive plantation done in the state in the last six years has also led to an increase in the wildlife population


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