Carbon Neutral Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens is the first sweets brand to be certified by B Corp, which is a global certification initiative that assesses businesses based on their environmental and social performance. As of 2021, their business and pouches are carbon neutral. At first, they measured the carbon footprint of their pouches and company with the help of the experts at ClimatePartner. Then they offset their carbon foot print by supporting a VCS certified carbon offset project in Peru. Additionally, they also support a project with Plastic Bank to reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans, which store a quarter of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This project helps to correct the imbalance caused by plastic waste. It is combined with a Gold Standard project of at a wind farm in the Philippines.

They have also taken steps to reduce emissions from business and supply chain. The largest contributor to their carbon footprint is the production of sweets. Their production process is entirely carbon neutral and has been positively lowering their footprint since 2020.


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