Project Jai by Amplus Solar

Amplus Solar, a frontrunner in the clean energy domain in India, has achieved a significant milestone by inaugurating Project Jai, a massive 360 MWp solar power facility located in the village named Jaimalsar, Rajasthan, India. This landmark project is designed to distribute solar energy to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers across the nation, aiding them in achieving their sustainability goals. The commissioning of Project Jai is a pivotal step in Amplus Solar’s journey to cater to the growing demand for consistent and clean energy within the C&I sector in India.

Project Jai stands out for its adoption of cutting-edge solar technologies, such as bi-facial modules, single-axis trackers, and a fully robotic cleaning system. These advancements not only showcase Amplus Solar’s commitment to innovation but also its dedication to environmental conservation. The robotic cleaning technology, in particular, is expected to significantly reduce water usage for panel cleaning by as much as 50 million liters annually.


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