Gaviotas Reforestation Project in Colombia

Over 200 people live in the ecovillage of Gaviotas, Colombia, in the Llanos grasslands. Although it is significantly smaller than the other areas considered, the United Nations has recognized this town as “a model of sustainable development” for its work in reforesting the area. These once-forested areas have been largely destroyed by the ongoing civil war in the country.

People in Gaviotas have been planting Caribbean pine trees since the 1980s, and they’ve been using mycorrhizal fungi to help the trees thrive in the acidic soil. Successful reforestation efforts on over 20,000 acres have led to new economic options for village residents including the production of resin for use in cosmetics and the launch of biodiesel programs.

Modifications to local weather patterns can be attributable to the expanded forest cover. As a result of a ten per cent increase in precipitation, an initiative to bottle the water is underway.

Gaviotans takes pleasure in not only the social framework that ensures everyone has a place to live, something to eat, and education but also expanded forest cover.


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