Solar-pumped Water in Mali

To expand and ease access to water in Dialakorodji, Mali, the Nationale de l’Hydraulique (DNH), in partnership with UNDP and with financial support from the India-UN Development Partnership Fund, launched a borehole construction project, which delivered 18 boreholes. The boreholes pump water through solar-powered hydraulic systems and distribute running water through faucets rather than through the manual pumps that were previously available in the area. The boreholes are managed by the local Kouna Wolo Ton Association of Dialakorodji.

The initial construction supported by the India-UN Fund led to both a, increase in the number of water points and the construction of several individual boreholes, thus facilitating access to water for the inhabitants. The Association also received technical advice on regular maintenance of the borehole equipment to ensure its durability and profitability. A post-project completion survey confirmed that the structures were working well and appreciated by local communities.


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