Renewable Energy Finds its Way to Rural Cameroon

In 2020, Cameroon’s Ministry of Water and Energy and UNESCO launched a partnership aimed at improving access to energy in rural areas of the North and Far North regions by promoting renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. With support from the India-UN Development Partnership, the project distributed solar kits, cook stoves and related materials.

Completed in December 2022, the project surpassed all expectations, impacting more than 12,000 people, or 207.85% of the original goal. More than 1,300 people were trained in how to use and maintain the 1,000 solar kits distributed to the community. Working together, community members manufactured more than 3,500 cookstoves. The project also developed a training curriculum based on the technologies learned and further developed, and planted more than 2,000 trees in the region. Moving forward the ‘Solar Mamas’ continue to install, assemble, maintain, and train their neighbours to ensure benefits continue to grow and expand.


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