India is Up by One Spot in the Climate Change Performance Index

India ranked 7th in the Climate Change Performance Index of 2023, up one spot from the previous one, and also remained among the highest performers, according to the report released in Dubai during the global climate talks COP28.

Monitoring Climate Mitigation Efforts of 63 Countries plus the EU – covering more than 90 per cent of the Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions, India received a high ranking in the greenhouse gas Emissions and Energy Use categories, but a medium in Climate Policy and Renewable Energy, as in the previous year.
While India is the world’s most populous country, it has relatively low per capita emissions, the index said. “Our data shows that in the per capita GHG category, the country is on track to meet a benchmark of well below 2 degrees Celsius. While it shows a slightly positive trend in the share of renewable energy, this trend is advancing too slowly,” the report based on the index said.


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