An Admirable Example of Waste Diversion

Flipkart Group has taken strides towards addressing the alarming issue of the growing landfills in India. It has successfully managed to divert approximately 3000 tonnes of non-hazardous solid waste in one year, beginning with four of its facilities that achieved Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Gold certification for their zero waste efforts. TRUE-certified projects must meet stringent resource management goals, diverting at least 90% of a facility’s waste from landfills, incineration, and the environment. Flipkart’s TRUE-certified facilities account for an area of 1.8 million sq ft. Flipkart has demonstrated its commitment to promoting a circular economy and is embracing the Zero Waste policy, which entails responsible consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging and materials while avoiding incineration and landfill. In this endeavor, the organization has not only met but surpassed the certification’s requirements for diversion rates, achieving more than 97% waste diversion across all four sites.


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