Cooling the Building with Cool Roof France

In France, more than 130,000 tonnes of oyster shells are thrown away every year. Cool Roof France (CRF) takes a few tonnes of this waste and uses the outer part of the shells – which is made from calcium – to replace the traditional calcium in its paint (Traditional paint is made up of calcium, solvent and water). It was found that the oyster shell maximises the paint’s performance and makes it more durable.

CRF’s oyster-enriched, thermo-reflective roof paint is applied in three layers. The first two layers make it a durable product. By adding the third layer, the paint is able to reflect 90 per cent of the sun’s rays away from a building, resulting in an average temperature reduction of six to seven degree Celsius. Consequently there is a reduction in the use of AC and a decrease in energy consumption between 30 to 50 per cent.


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