A Carbon Footprint Coffee Menu

The well known catering business of the UK, Benugo joined hands with ClimatePartner (https://www.climatepartner.com/en) to develop a solution that makes it easy for consumers to make low-carbon buying decisions. To maximise transparency at the coffee counter of every Benugo outlet across the country, ClimatePartner initiated the idea for a ‘carbon footprint coffee menu that clearly illustrates the carbon footprint of every menu item. It was this simple idea which the team at Benugo built on to create a thought-provoking concept for a carbon footprint coffee menu – the first of its kind in the UK.

While the carbon footprint coffee menu increases awareness among consumers what impact their buying decisions have on the planet, Benugo went one step further by making all coffee products on the menu carbon neutral. To achieve that the business reduces emissions wherever possible and offsets the residual emissions from their coffee sales via registered and certified carbon offset projects.



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