YesEarth Youth Corps Leadership Program – Energy Literacy Training (in Collaboration with ADP College,Nagaon)

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Climate change, Energy Literacy
Launch of YesEarth Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Literacy initiatives on November 9, 2023 at Haflong. The launch was done by Honorable Shri Keshab Mahanta, Minister of Science Technology and Climate Change, Honorable Smt Nandita Gorlosa, Minister for Power, Cooperation, Mines, Minerals, Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture, Government of Assam, Shri Abhijit Sharma, Mission Director, YesEarth, Shri Jaideep Barua, Director, Assam Science, Technology and Climate Change Council, several other prominent dignitaries like Shri Rakesh Deka, VC, Cotton University, Shri Samuel changsan, EM, DHAC, Shri Lalremsiama Darnei, Hon’ble Executive Member, Secondary Education, North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council and Shri Thai Tsho Daulagupu, ACS Principal Secretary, North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council.

“YesEarth Youth Corps Leadership Program” brings in “Energy Literacy Training” in collaboration with Energy Swaraj Foundation, Assam Science Technology and Climate Change Agency (ASTEC) and Assam Energy Development Agency (AEDA). This is an online program, of about 3 hours duration and can be taken from anywhere in the world. On completion of the program, a certificate is issued.

Energy Literacy Training

Energy is the key driver of social and economic growth. Access to reliable energy has enabled communities and countries to grow technologically and economically faster than others who lack such access. But, the current energy generation and supply systems are mainly centralised and heavily dependent on fossil fuels. This results in dependency on energy imports, the financial burden on governments, loss of energy in transmission and distribution. Moreover, currently, 80-85% of the world’s energy needs are being fulfilled with fossil energy, the main cause of global warming and climate change. Its impacts can be seen in the form of forest fires, floods, heatwaves, and cyclones with increasing intensity and frequency. Renewable energy technologies have evolved to become viable alternative options, but adaption is slow. In general, there is a lack of widespread awareness on energy supply issues, climate change issues, and the availability of alternative solutions. The Energy Literacy Training aims to educate the masses on an understanding of energy generation and consumption, and its impact on the environment in the context of self, state, and country. In wake of climate change, sustainable living, and sustainability of life. Energy Literacy training would enable individuals and institutions to make informed decisions on sources of energy to be used and appropriate amounts to be used.

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