Abhijit Sharma – Chief Executive Officer

Abhijit Sharma is a visionary leader in the field of climate change and sustainability. With a deep passion for environmental conservation and a strong belief in the power of business to drive positive change, he has dedicated his career to addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Abhijit has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration.


He has more than 26 years of experience working in National and International Markets. Abhijit has expertise in organisational management, technological innovation, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Skill development, human potential enhancement and in linking communities to businesses.

After completing his education, Abhijit began his career with global giants like UNILEVER and spent 10 years in the corporate arena. The call to serve the community, made Abhiit shift to the Social Sector. Abhijit moved in as Global Head of School of Livelihood and Rural Development, an organisation in the field of sustainable development and livelihoods for the last 23 years. His role has been to develop and implement sustainable development strategies along with regional governments and central governments. He gained valuable experience in environmental policy, renewable energy, and carbon footprint reduction.

Abhijit founded YesEarth Eco Consulting Private Limited, a fast growing company that works on and provides comprehensive climate change solutions. The objective is to help Governments, Communities and Business organisations reduce their carbon emissions, adapt to changing climate conditions, and build sustainable business models.

As the CEO of YesEarth, Abhijit is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and ensuring its success. He works closely with clients and communities to understand their unique challenges and develop tailored solutions, that align with their environmental goals and business objectives.

Abhijit is a recipient of prestigious awards in the sector of Livelihood, Rural Development and Environment. Awards received.

o Madhya Pradesh Krishi Awards 2017 for Innovative Practices in Sustainable Organic Agriculture

o Times Now Brand Vision Award 2019 – The Extraordinaire for exceptional work in livelihood and rural development sector.

Beyond his work at YesEarth, Abhijit actively participates in environmental advocacy and serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations dedicated to climate action and conservation. he believes in the importance of collaboration and partnerships to drive systemic change and actively seeks opportunities to work with other industry leaders and stakeholders.

Abhijit’s overarching vision is to create a world where businesses operate in harmony with the environment, fostering sustainable development and mitigating climate change. He envisions a future where companies prioritize environmental responsibility, embrace renewable energy sources, and integrate sustainable practices into their core operations. Through YesEarth and his leadership, he strives to empower communities and businesses to become agents of positive change and make a lasting impact on the planet.